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About me

Sometimes life just clicks.  You meet a great new friend, you finally get that promotion you’ve been working for tirelessly, your old jeans fit again.  For me, it involved finding Mr. Right.  It wasn’t easy, nor did it come quickly.  But when he came along, there was finally a click, and we fit.  Our journey together  in NYC this past year has been filled with some tears, but mostly laughs and lots of plans.  This year we decided to jump off the deep end, into the deep blue sea.  By “jump” I mean we got pregnant and bought a boat (“Babe”, our new Nautor Swan 46 ft Mark 1) in order to learn the art of sailing.  My boyfriend, along with his crew and expert captain,  sailed from Rhode Island offshore into the Atlantic Ocean to the Caribbean.  In his words, “in conclusion the sail was very similar to how Neil Armstrong described space flight. ’23 hours of complete and utter boredom punctuated by 1 hour of complete and utter terror.’ ”  So essentially: hectic.  But an adventure nonetheless.

While in paradise, we will island hop, and explore new territory, take photographs, write, work, and enjoy the simple things in life.  All this while my belly continues to grow with our seemingly perfect unborn child.

The Action Lifestyle awaits.

Our Caribbean adventure launches from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands in March 2013.

Babe T-shirt Back

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