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A few leagues under the sea

Sailing around the Caribbean affords me on one of my favorite past times, snorkeling.  Yesterday, we moored in a small inlet of Norman Bay close to famous caves where treasure was once found.  Although the treasure is no longer, there are plenty of fish to behold.  We saw barracuda, parrot fish, trumpet fish, corral, jelly fish and plenty of other nicely colored specimens.  The water was crystal clear, which allowed for excellent viewing of all their spectacular colors and shapes.  Apparently some of the fish are used to being fed, as they became increasingly friendly towards us while we swam next to them.  The locals ask that you don’t feed the fish, as they tend to get aggressive.  Snorkeling is a shallow window into the world under the sea.  As I swam along happily, voyeur that I am, I couldn’t help but wonder what these fish are thinking, how they live, how they communicate.  Is one pissed off at another because he flirted with his girlfriend?  Well, it’s all the same to me, as long as they don’t mind me watching from above.

Later on, after some excellent sailing from Norman Island to Cooper Island, about 3 miles away, we came about a nice mooring ball in the popular bay.  Unfortunately, as we motored up to the mooring ball, my boyfriend quickly realized there was no small buoy attached to the mooring line to keep it afloat.  This made catching the line from the boat to the water impossible.  So he dropped the boat stick into the water.  Good thing our trusty captain leapt into the dinghy quickly to retrieve the sinking line to attach “Babe” on.  It may seem that this would be a shame and a massive pain in the ass.  But, good always comes out of bad.  My boyfriend fetched some diving gear and heroically dove to the bottom close to “Babe.”  What he came up with was certainly fortuitous.  The first boat hook he found nearby was actually an imposter!  Someone else apparently did the exact same thing and dropped their boat hook.  So he found ours as well and surfaced with 2 boat hooks, score!

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  1. Shannan #

    OH boy..ever the observer .. Just don’t feed those fish any chocolate.. and it will all be good.
    And of course good always comes out of bad especially when you are living your dream!
    Have fun you little cuties!! xoxo

    March 25, 2013

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