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When sailing around the Caribbean, you want to make sure that you have much companionship during your trip.  A good captain helps, a loving and wonderful partner is always essential, and possibly most importantly; you must have a good dinghy.  The dinghy is the small (or sometimes large) inflatable boat which normally trails your sailboat underway during the shorter journeys from island to island.  It has an outboard, or motor, attached to the back, which allows you to power through the water.  When we motor sailed from Virgin Gorda, BVI to St. Maarten several days ago, we put the dinghy back up on the bow of the ship, so she wouldn’t get lost in the rough seas.  That was a 12 hour trip, which we did mostly overnight.  Our fearless captain stayed up most of the night and powered through.  Good thing he is full of endless energy!  Sleeping was rough that evening, but I made up for it later on that day.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I perused the bay of St. Louis in St. Maarten and checked out some super yachts.  Of course, we went in our dinghy.  She may not be the fastest in all the land or sea, but she certainly gets us places.  We crossed to the Dutch side of the island from the St. Louis bay, under a drawbridge, into another bay, under another bridge, into another bay, and eventually came upon the infamous and enormous Maltese Falcon.  Not that I’m saying it I have it rough, but damn – some people really know how to live it up.  The problem with seeing so many enormous super yachts next to each other, is that eventually, they all seem commonplace.  And believe me, a 150 foot sailboat is no common object!

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