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Oui oui, merci

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We have come upon the land of the French islands.  They are magnifique!  We sailed from St. Maarten to St. Barth yesterday, the long way around, again beating against the wind.  But eventually, we anchored in the harbor of Gustavia.  We are here, not only for the lovely ambience, excellent food, and fabulous shopping, but to watch the infamous Bucket Race.  Our captain is one of the organizers of the race.  He has promised us VIP tickets for several events throughout the week.  One of which invites other boat owners onto the mega yachts for a quick glass of champers and a look around.  And these yachts are certainly MEGA!  100 feet and over are di riguor around here.  And they are considered tiny in comparison with some of the other larger ones.  We’ll see how they perform in the water during the race starting tomorrow.

I have noticed that the baby inside of me seems to enjoy the movement of the boat while underway.  As soon as we begin sailing, she starts moving about.  Well, that could mean she doesn’t enjoy it as well.  I guess we’ll find out when she comes out eventually.  A born sailor.  Either that – or someone who hates the water.  Time will tell.  I must confess, the heat is starting to slow me down.  Swimming is the ideal activity for a pregnant chick.  The water’s buoyancy is your best friend.  But walking on concrete, up stairs, across lines on the boat, up and down through the hatch – not so fun.   And sleeping in tight quarters in the heat, also not the best.  My wedge pillow, which helps support my belly at night, has not failed me yet.  But my belly continues to grow, so hopefully it won’t squish the wedge out of shape.

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