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Rain Day

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It’s been raining for the past 2 days in St. Barth.  Rain days on a boat are kind of like rain days at summer camp.  You have to pretty much stay indoors.  The patter or shatter, depending on the strength of the rain, on the wood deck above your head has a special echo.  The light rain sounds like pleasant pitter patter on a tin roof, as if you were whiling away the hours in a hammock swinging to and fro.  The heavy showers sound like pieces of hail crashing down from thousands of feet above onto a steel drum.  It’s heavy and eery and the boat sways methodically from side to side aiding those lovely feelings of sea sickness down below.  But hey, we’re still on a boat in the Caribbean so life is good!

The Bucket Race has been pretty cool to watch.  We went out in our dinghy to see the first race of the J boats.  Pictures are attached here for some reference as to their enormity.  Perhaps the pictures don’t quite do them justice.  The best part so far has been the evening we were given special VIP bracelets by our generous captain to board all of the fancy yachts.  My boyfriend spent his time photographing enormous winches on deck, while I peaked down below to check out how these owners style it up.  Most of them are very streamlined and oddly white or beige with dark wood.  Strange if you think about going on a boat from the water or the beach.  Where do they keep all of the sand from their feet?  These boats’ massive sizes really make you think about the other half – or in this sector, the other 0.00000001%.  And most of these owners don’t even spend that much time on their vessels!  Their crew certainly enjoy the ride on board.  But man, those guys have a lot of work to accomplish day and night.  And the maintenance never ends.

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