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Chivalry is not dead

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We sailed to Saba two days ago, with a friend from NYC  aboard.  It was slightly choppy, but we made it in record time with excellent wind conditions.  Saba is a 3,000 foot high small rock jutting out of the ocean in the Caribbean close to St. Maarten and St. Kitts.  It doesn’t feature on some maps.  Because it is not wildly sought after by tourists, the island has been largely left alone.  Its rocks and sheer cliff faces are magnificent.    Yesterday we decided to dinghy over  from our mooring ball in somewhat rough seas to the shore of Saba to check it out.  The thing to do at Saba is to climb all the way up to the highest point of the island, which is shrouded in clouds, for a fantastic view.  Well, if you can see anything.  We took a somewhat shorter route up, though no less steep.  We climbed many stairs up through dense green brush surrounded by gorgeous trees and many types of leaves.  We were also joined by heavy downpours and much mist along the way.  Going up was hard on the ass, but not as slippery as going down.  Being the pregnant chick in the group, I was embraced by many caring and chivalrous men.  Lots of holding back up the hill, hand holding over more difficult rocks, and a gift of a large walking stick.  Though I was quite wet and out of breath at times, I always felt safe with such caring and kind men looking after me.  My boyfriend was particularly sweet and attentive.  We should hike more often.

Another stunning part of staying at an island with very few boating tourists moored in a quiet bay is the opportunity to stargaze.  At night, the sky is filled with thousands of tiny twinkling lights covering you from above.  The lack of light pollution from other islands or boats makes the stars pop.  Sitting out on deck, it’s just you and your thoughts, the sound of the waves lapping up against the boat, the whizzing wind in your hair, and darkness spotted by tiny flickers of gas millions of miles away.  Paradise.

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  1. Christl #

    Sounds amazing, I am glad you feel well and you are very well looked after. Love Christl

    April 9, 2013

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