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Not all islands of the Caribbean are created equal.  Some are uber-structured for tourism.  They have loads of restaurants and shopping, typically open most of the day for your convenience, they serve you with charm and attention, and generally they are happy you have come for a visit.  Saint Eustatius, a Dutch island about 20 miles from Saba, is not that kind of island.  It is a tiny place with a population of less than 2,000, no agriculture, and very few restaurants and hotels.  It does have a bay in which we anchored for several nights and a dinghy dock next to their industrial port.  “Island time” is taken seriously and lunchtime ends at 2pm, so don’t bother going out after then.

Eustatius does have an amazing volcano on shore called The Quill, which we climbed up to the rim to get a fantastic view.  We were joined by some friendly chickens up there as well.  It was very green and lush and quite steep at times, but a lovely hike.  We also saw some small hermit crabs and lizards on the way, which are included in photos here.  And this time, my boyfriend bought me a legitimate walking stick, so I was trekking like a pro.

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