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Luxury in the Caribbean

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We were joined by good friends during our stay in Nevis last week.  To celebrate one of their birthdays and just because the Four Seasons happened to be across the  bay from where we were moored, we decided to treat ourselves to a fabulous spa afternoon with dinner afterwards on their beach verandah.  We took advantage of their pools, sauna, and steam room areas as well, not to mention their tasty snacks provided in the locker rooms.  It felt wonderful to have a nice long shower without having to ever turn the water off.  I shampooed and used conditioner!  The maternity massage I had felt good and the therapist was very professional.  Everyone else enjoyed their treatments too, and our dinner that evening was excellent.  Other than the outrageous cost, it was an excellent afternoon.

Nevis is a diamond in the rough.  Her sister island, St. Kitts, next door is a backwater dump in comparison.  On Nevis, we spent a day hiking up it’s steep hill into her lush rainforest, walking around her old town and shopping, visiting her hot springs, eating delicious food, and enjoying her white sandy beaches, which are filled with tiny cute crabs running amok.  We also visited the island’s Botanical Gardens, with a Thai theme, and also some gorgeous local flora.  Pictures are included here.

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