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Take it Easy

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I recently took up learning guitar.  It’s much harder than it looks.  Thinking my love for music and past experience playing the cello would make it a snap, I began taking lessons in NYC about 2 months ago.  The first song I learned was “Take it Easy.”  Supposedly an easier compilation, it certainly has taken me a while to switch seamlessly from one chord to another.  I brought my guitar along with me on this voyage, knowing that time would be available to practice.  And practice I certainly have done.  Not only playing guitar, but also taking it easy in a general sense.

Being on a boat forces one to take life as it comes.  We can’t control the weather, the wind, or the tides.  So we make a general plan, but flexibility is key to maintaining sanity.  If we can’t go somewhere one day due to weather conditions, or travel in a certain direction because the wind is not favorable, we change course.  No need to get upset, just move on to the next activity and destination.

Caribbean time also teaches one to slow down and relax.  Coming from NYC, that is a wild notion indeed.  Service at restaurants will take a little longer, people will greet you with pleasantries before getting down to business, and generally no one is in a rush to do anything.  So we can either fight this philosophy, or we can go with it.  While sailing, you have no choice but to go with it.  We sailed back north from Nevis to St. Barth with some friends last week and spent a few lovely days on St. Barth.  This time it was quiet and peaceful, as we did not have to contend with the crowds surrounding the Bucket Race.  The sail was excellent, but somewhat choppy for our friends, as one of them got sick.  Shit happens.  He survived and subsequently enjoyed the next sail we did from St. Barth to Anguilla.  That sail was quite slow and steady, with average 15 knot winds on a beam reach, a comfortable point of sail.  It took a lot longer than we had anticipated, but we reached Anguilla relaxed and happy.

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  1. Lauren #

    O, what a fabulous adventure before motherhood! How many weeks now?

    April 27, 2013

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