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Sailing into the Sunset

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The expression held quite true last night when we sailed into the sunset from the shores of Prickly Pear Island off of Anguilla and made passage back north to the BVI.  We arrived to Virgin Gorda this morning around 6:00am.  We ran downwind the entire trip towards our destination.  At the start of our approximately 12 hour journey, the seas were calm, the clouds lit beautifully by the setting sun, and the stars shone bright as the sun set.  The sky was full of millions of sparkling dust particles.  It was gorgeous and dreamlike.  However, as we sailed further into the deep blue, the seas started getting choppy.  When you run downwind, the boat tends to sway from right to left.  So real sleep is not likely, though I did try.  The men dealt with the wind and the waves while I snuck down below holding on for dear life.

My thoughts turn to putting “Babe” away and returning home after our Caribbean adventure.  We are leaving her in Tortola at Nanny Cay, which we hear is an excellent dry dock spot and well protected from hurricanes.  We will have to take her apart and organize all of her bits and parts, and inevitably, say goodbye.  For now.

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