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Rockin’ the Rocky Mountains

We moved to Boulder, CO from Manhattan a month ago, and I’m starting to pick up the local lingo.  Not quite Cally, but almost there.  It’s never easy moving across the country, but with an infant, even more difficult.  I really didn’t realize how stressed out I had become until my husband pointed out how much of a bitch I had become.  Anxiety is hard to deal with – especially with my type A personality and need to have everything in place and done yesterday.  Needless to say, that did not happen right away.  But our search for the perfect place to raise our daughter was a big hit.  What a difference a lot of fresh air, super friendly people, nice drivers, exceptional landscapes and views, and excellent organic supermarkets makes to a young family!  Having the good fortune to be able to work from anywhere, it seems that Boulder affords us all the pleasures and activities we could ask for – especially with our little one.  And so far, she seems pretty thrilled to be here!  Just look at her on those swings shining in the sun!

If you want to live in Boulder, you better either be in amazing shape, or get there quick!  People around here take their fitness to a whole new level of insanity.  Another aspect to keep me engaged and out of the house – thank goodness!  Acceptable activities include power yoga, regular yoga, sculpt yoga (insane), walking, biking, hiking, swimming at the local Rec Center, snow shoeing when snowy out, fishing, hunting, horseback riding…you get the gist.  It’s an activity wonderland!  And all these activities require gear!  Our favorite!  So far we have purchased a bicycle for him, jogging stroller, off road bike, mommy van (soon to be supped up into the Bujactor Tractor), Subaru, hiking backpack for the baby, and lots of ancillary items to accompany these objects.  I also found organic formula in our local supermarket.  Everything they sell is organic, so go figure.  We are fortunate to be able to afford these items and have the time to use them.  Adventure awaits!  No goats yet – but we are looking into getting chickens for our house.  Stay tuned…ImageImageImageImage